Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Purpose

AIMO™ creates a new standard for the objective assessment of your current movement skills and connects you with personal trainers and insurance intermediaries (experts) to improve your fitness and optimally secure your lifestyle. The central element is the analysis of your movement skills with the AIMO™ movement scan. The quantitative part of the scan results is the AIMO™ movement score. It is a practicable and objective measure and can be used by everyone involved in the AIMO ecosystem (users, personal trainers, insurance intermediaries and insurance companies). As a qualitative scan result, you will receive information on the identified evasive movements. You can share your scan results and other data with a personal trainer or insurance broker. All data belongs exclusively to yourself. You decide at any time whether and which data you share with whom.


2. Scope

2.1. Contractual partner and object of the contract
  • Our terms of use represent the agreement on the use of our services between you and us, AIMO™ GmbH (Quellenstraße 7a, 70376 Stuttgart). We therefore ask you to read these AIMO™ terms of use carefully before you log into the AIMO™ app ( hereinafter referred to as "app"), register and use it.
  • In our separate data privacy policy, we explain what information we collect and how we use it and what options you have in this regard, for example about the management of your data protection settings or your right to access the information we have stored about you.
2.2. Prerequisite for participation

A prerequisite for opening a user account and using the AIMO™ app is that you are already 18 years old and fully legally competent. You must use our services in accordance with these terms of use. If you violate these terms, we may take action against the violations, including disabling or suspending your account. If this is reasonable for us, we will warn you before we block your account and give you the opportunity to back up your data beforehand. If we do this, you may not create another account without our permission.

You may only access or use our services for lawful, legitimate and permissible purposes. You may not use (or assist others in) using our Services in a manner that: (a) AIMO ™, our users 'or others' rights (including data protection and publication rights, intellectual property rights or rights) . other property rights) violated, unlawfully used or violated; (b) is unlawful, obscene, offensive, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or incites or encourages behavior that would be illegal or otherwise inappropriate, including glorifying violent crimes; (c) includes posting falsehoods, misrepresentations, or misleading statements; (d) mimicking someone; (e) includes sending illegal or prohibited communications such as bulk messaging, auto messaging, auto dialing, and the like; or (f) involves non-private use of our services, unless it has been licensed or otherwise approved by us.

2.3. Region

Currently, the app is only intended for use in Germany and Austria. If you live in another country, you can use the app, but we may not offer you the full service, such as the insurance service.

2.4. Software and devices

To use our app, you need a smartphone with a selfie camera, software and data connections, which we do not provide. You will be informed about innovations or updates via the Apple App Store / Google Playstore.

2.5. Scan requirements

Among other things, important for the correct functioning of the AIMO™ scan are: following factors:

  • sufficient lighting
  • the user is alone in the picture, faces the camera, all parts of the body are clearly visible
  • sufficient contrast of the clothing to the background and underground
  • a non-reflective environment

With the exception of the functions for experts, AIMO™ is aimed exclusively at consumers. According to the legal definition, a consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes that are predominantly neither their commercial nor their independent professional activity. Consumers are expressly prohibited from using AIMO™ for commercial or other commercial purposes.

3. Services and prices

3.1. Free services

AIMO™ is a fitness and InsurTech app that aims to make its users aware of their movement potential in order to create an active life in everyday life, sport and work. We motivate people to improve their fitness and protection together with experts. Many features in the app are therefore designed to optimize communication between you and your expert and thus your added value.

In order for you to be able to enjoy these advantages fully, free of charge and at the same time receiving high-quality advice, you must keep at least one expert in your AIMO™ ecosystem.

In order to sign up to the AIMO™ app you have to

      I.        connect with a personal trainer, or
     II.        connect with an insurance advisor

innerhalb der AIMO™ App herstellen und dann für eine langfristige unentgeltliche Nutzung beibehalten. Du bist darüber hinaus nicht verpflichtet, Beratungsleistungen oder anderweitige Dienstleistungen oder Produkte von oder über die Experten entgegenzunehmen, um die unentgeltliche Nutzbarkeit der AIMO™ App beizubehalten.

Ohne eine Verbindung mit einem Experten kannst Du die AIMO™ App zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider nicht nutzen.

Beachte bitte, dass zur vollumfänglichen Nutzung einiger AIMO™ Basis–Übungen Hilfsmittel oder Trainingsgeräte (wie z.B. Fitnessgeräte) benötigt werden. Diese sind nicht Teil der AIMO™ Dienste und müssen von Dir ggf. gesondert und auf eigene Kosten erworben oder bereitgestellt werden.

3.2. Löschen oder Wechsel Deines Experten

Wenn Du mit Deinem/Deiner Experten/In unzufrieden bist, kannst Du ihn/sie jederzeit löschen und Dir einen/eine neue/n Experten suchen. Wenn Du Deinen/Deine Experten/In wechselst bzw. löschst, hast Du 14 Tage Zeit, um die AIMO™ App weiterhin unentgeltlich nutzen zu können.

3.3 Gebühren und Steuern Dritter

Du bist für sämtliche Datentarife Deines Mobilfunkanbieters bzw. Netzbetreibers sowie alle sonstigen mit Deiner Nutzung unserer Dienste verbundenen Gebühren und Steuern selbst verantwortlich.


4. Your health

Our app is not a medical device. The app only offers you the option of using the AIMO™ movement scan to determine your AIMO ™ movement score. You can find further information under 5.2.

If you suffer from health problems, pain, restricted movement or permanent deformities, so that the AIMO™ movement scan is only limited or painful, the use of the AIMO™ movement scan is prohibited. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you see a doctor.

4.1. Health requirements

AIMO™ services are used at your own risk.

This product expressly does not make a medical diagnosis that is suitable as a basis for initiating therapeutic measures and does not make any recommendations about therapeutic measures. The analysis only provides determinative information related to your movement skills. The app does not determine any causes for any deviations in the movement that may have been detected. This applies, for example, to

  • causes caused by accidents,
  • Bad posture,
  • congenital or acquired deformities,
  • Bone diseases (including cancer),
  • Muscle disorders,
  • age-related or movement-related wear,
  • viral or bacterial diseases,
  • Autoimmune diseases,
  • neuronal diseases,
  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • Lung or respiratory diseases (including asthma),
  • Spine and / or joint problems,
  • surgical interventions,
  • as well as other medical or factual causes not mentioned here.

For our female users, the basic exercises we offer should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers.

4.2. No substitute for medical advice

The services and information offered as part of AMO™ and the AIMO™ services are neither medical nor medical advice. Nor are they a substitute for a medical examination or treatment.

4.3. AIMO™ Basic Exercises 

Fitness counseling and coaching is subject to constantly evolving health, training and sports science findings. Even if we base our basic exercises on current studies and findings, we do not guarantee that these correspond to the current research results or findings.


5. Object of our services

5.1 Registration of your user account

You have to register for our services and use the correct information, enter your current email address and update it in the event of a change using our in-app function. For verification as part of the registration, we will send you an email with a code to confirm the registration for our services and to confirm your email address.

To register your user account, simply download the AIMO™ app from the App Store or Google Play. You can then install the AIMO™ app on your device and create your user account.

Please note that the AIMO™ app can only be used with an access code. You will receive this access code either from a personal trainer, an insurance broker, or from your employer. This access code connects you to one or more experts. These will then be displayed in your AIMO™ app and you can get advice from them on your optimal fitness and protection. So if you accept the invitation and create your AIMO™ account, you will automatically connect to the expert from whom you received the access code. Your expert will only receive your name and email address ("contact details") if you actively share your profile data with him / her. At this point, your data is still encrypted and you remain anonymous.

When you have completed the registration, you have the option of either accepting or rejecting an expert. When accepting the respective expert, you give your consent via the AIMO™ app that your contact details will be shared with the respective expert. This person can contact you. After acceptance, you can see this expert at any time under the heading "Experts". There you can contact him / her, share your data for optimal advice or delete the expert.

5.2 Movement analysis

On the basis of movements such as an overhead deep squat, fitness experts can identify potential weak points in the movement sequences. These vulnerabilities can have different causes.

AIMO™ determines the movement skills via a specially developed artificial intelligence (AI), according to a digitized method based on expert opinions and data models. AIMO™ evaluates the statistical deviation of your movement from an optimal movement. This optimal movement results from a combination of statistical data, the opinions of experts and established standards. When using the AIMO™ app, you will be asked to perform a movement, usually an overhead squat. This movement is recorded in a video. The artificial intelligence of AIMO™ analyzes this video and then determines evasive movements. Evasive movements in the sense of AIMO™ are your (greatest) deviations from the optimal movement during the execution of the movement. AIMO™ recognizes certain joints of your body during the entire time in which you carry out the movement. AIMO™ then translates the results into the understandable AIMO™ movement score. It is a weighted average of all deviations from an ideal movement. Some deviations are more important than others. For example, Deviations in the area of ​​the foot and knee are more serious, since they have an impact on the entire movement above the foot.

5.3 Everyday risks

There is a feature in the AIMO ™ app to display your everyday risks. This consists of the areas:

  • Age-related risks based on your profile information
  • Everyday risks based on your physical activity
  • Risks in sport based on your sport
  • Pain specified by yourself

Based on the information you provided during the registration process (work, physical activity, sport, age and pain) and the scan results from your motion scan, AIMO™ visualizes your “greatest risk” in everyday life.

Your information on everyday risks can:

  • give the personal trainer an indication of which exercises are suitable for you to what extent and in what intensity
  • give the insurance intermediary an indication of which insurance product is best suited for you and whether and at what price you can purchase insurance

5.4 AIMO™ Basic Exercises

Based on your movement deviations, AIMO™ puts together basic exercises for you, with which you can train alone or together with your personal trainer.

These recommendations are intended to be easy to integrate into your existing training routine. The aim of the basic exercises is to enable you to work on your avoidance movements in a targeted manner and with as little effort as possible and thus to improve your AIMO ™ movement score.

If you also want to have more or more strenuous exercises, you can share your data via AIMO ™ with your personal trainer and get individual advice.

5.5 Pain

Your safety is our top priority. Therefore AIMO™ asks you about current pain. Basically, you shouldn't perform the AIMO™ motion scan and the AIMO™ basic exercises if you are currently in pain. AIMO ™ also notifies you of this within the app shortly before the scan:

"You said you were in pain. You can only run the scan when you are fit and in no pain. Talk to your doctor first if you are unsure. "

In addition, after each scan, AIMO™ asks you if you were in pain during the movement.

5.6 Profile settings

In the profile settings you can:

  • Customize your personal information. This includes name, profession, sport, gender, date of birth, height and weight
  • Change your account, i.e. your password and your email address
  • Download your data or delete your account.

You will also find the links to our imprint, our data protection declaration and these terms of use in the profile settings.


6. Disability insurance and other biometric insurance products

We offer our service for disability insurance and other biometric risks to you and an insurance broker (employed insurance broker, exclusive agent according to §84 HGB, multiple agent, insurance broker) (hereinafter: "insurance service").

6.1 Use of the insurance service by yourself

To use the insurance service, you can choose to share your personal profile, the scan results of the movement analysis and the presentation of your everyday risks with an insurance broker of your choice on a voluntary basis. You are responsible for the correct assignment of the scan results and therefore obliged to carry out the motion scan personally. You may not issue third party scan data as your own. Only if you actively and voluntarily use this option will the agent find out about your data.

The insurance intermediary can activate suggestions for worker protection and other biometric risks directly via the AIMO™ app. You can find this in the menu item "Suggestions". In order to have the insurability of individual products checked anonymously in advance, you can answer the health questions of the respective insurance product via the AIMO™ app at any time and from anywhere and share it in pseudonymized form with your insurance broker for anonymous risk pre-inquiry. The basis for the preliminary risk inquiry is the answers to the health questions, as well as your profession, your sport, your year of birth, your height and your weight. Your AIMO™ movement score or your evasive movements are expressly not taken into account here. You are responsible for answering the health questions truthfully. The insurance intermediary will only receive your pseudonymised data if you actively and voluntarily use this option yourself.

You then have the option of selecting insurance products in connection with advice from your insurance broker via the app and preparing an application for insurance protection, which you can then forward to your broker.

Your insurance broker will provide personal advice on the insurance products and the selection of the products that are suitable for you. AIMO™ only provides the services so that you can provide your insurance broker with your information and, if applicable, your application for insurance cover and your insurance broker can recommend products to you.

The insurance broker whom you entrust with is solely responsible for the selection of the products. The insurer who offers the product is responsible for the product itself.

AIMO™ does not appear as an employed insurance broker, exclusive agent according to §84 HGB, multiple agent or insurance broker. AIMO ™ receives no commission or brokerage fee for successfully concluded insurance contracts.

6.2 Use of the insurance service by insurance advisors

If you are an insurance broker (employed insurance broker, exclusive agent according to §84 HGB, multiple agent, insurance broker), you also have the option of inviting your customers to download the app and analyze their movement skills.

If a customer shares his / her personal profile, the scan results of the AIMO™ motion scan and the presentation of their everyday risks, you can give them the best possible advice based on this information and suggest suitable insurance products to the customer.

You can activate the proposed insurance products for your customer directly via the app. The customer then has the opportunity to fill in the product-specific health questions stored in the app under "Suggestions" for an application for insurance protection. The customer can share the answers to the health questions with you directly via the AIMO™ app for anonymized risk pre-inquiry in pseudonymized form. With the AIMO ID, only you can assign the documents to your customer. Personal data such as the date of birth are replaced by the year of birth.

7. Fitness advice and coaching

7.1. Use of the fitness service by yourself

To improve your movement skills and fitness, you can use AIMO™ together with your personal trainer. To use the fitness service, you can voluntarily share the scan results of the AIMO™ motion scan and your personal profile with a personal trainer of your choice.

To do this, you have to accept the personal trainer stored in the app under "Experts" as a contact. Before contacting you, you have the opportunity to share the scan results of the AIMO™ movement scan and your selected profile data with your personal trainer for even more individual advice. Only if you share your data independently and actively will the personal trainer learn about it.

You can then use the app to receive fitness services (e.g. training recommendations) or fitness products in connection with personal advice from your personal trainer.

Your personal trainer will take care of the personal advice and the selection of the suitable products for you. If you contact your personal trainer in connection with AIMO ™, ie you have either been invited to the AIMO ™ app by your personal trainer or you have found your personal trainer via the AIMO ™ app, you have a free consultation based on your AIMO™ scan results.

AIMO ™ only provides the services so that you can convey your information to your personal trainer and your personal trainer can recommend individual services or products. Your personal trainer is responsible for the duration and quality of the advice.

You have the opportunity to rate the advice given by your personal trainer using the AIMO™ app. You are responsible for the content of the evaluation. Please note that you can only give true information about your ratings.

7.2. Use of the fitness service by personal trainers

If you are a personal trainer, you have the option to invite your customers, download the app and determine their fitness status. You can also be found by a potential customer using your personal access code within the AIMO™ app. If a customer shares his / her personal profile and the scan results of the AIMO™ motion scan with you, you can use the scan results to coordinate an individual training session with your customer or recommend targeted fitness products. The customer then has the option of training with you or alone via the AIMO™ app.

You also undertake to provide your customers with a free consultation after contacting them via AIMO™, i.e. if you have either been invited to the AIMO™ app by your customer or you have invited your customer via the AIMO™ app to provide on his / her scan results. You are responsible for the duration and quality of the consultation. Your customer has the opportunity to rate his / her satisfaction with your advice via the AIMO™ app.


8. Data protection declaration and user data

AIMO™ takes the protection of customer data seriously. Basically, protecting your individual privacy and personal sphere is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, it goes without saying that we comply with the legal provisions on data protection.

The data protection declaration on the use of AIMO ™ technology explains our practices with regard to the data, including the types of data that we receive and collect from you, how we use and share this information, and your rights regarding the processing of information about you. Please inform yourself in detail in our data protection declaration, which you can find here.

9. Rights of use

9.1. Your rights

AIMO™ does not claim ownership of the information and data that you transmit or generate for your AIMO™ account or via our services. You must have the necessary rights in relation to such information provided by you for your AIMO™ account or via our services as well as the right to grant the rights and licenses in accordance with our conditions.

9.2. AIMO™ rights

We own all copyrights, brands, utility models, domains, logos, trade dress, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property rights that are linked to our services. You may not use our copyrights, brands, utility models, domains, logos, trade dress, patents or other intellectual property rights unless you have our express permission and the use is in accordance with our brand guidelines.

9.3. Your license to AIMO™

In order for us to operate and provide our services, you grant AIMO ™ a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works, display and perform the information (including content) that you have Upload, transmit, store, send or receive on or via our services. The rights granted by you under this license are limited to the purpose of operating and providing our services.

9.4. AIMO™ license towards you as a private user

We grant you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use our services in accordance with our terms and in accordance with our terms and conditions, limited in time and location. The sole purpose of this license is to enable you to use our services in the manner permitted by our terms. Apart from the licenses and rights expressly granted to you, you are not granted any tacit licenses or rights in any other way.

9.5. AIMO™ license to you as an insurance broker or commercial user

We grant you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use our services in accordance with our terms and in accordance with our terms and conditions, limited in time and location. The sole purpose of this license is to enable you to use our services in the manner permitted by our terms. Except for the licenses and rights expressly granted to you, you are not granted any tacit or other licenses or rights.


10. Exemption

If anyone makes a claim (“Third Party Claim”) regarding your actions, information, or data on AIMO ™ against us, you will indemnify AIMO ™ against any damage, loss, and expense of any kind (including reasonable attorney's fees and other legal costs) ) that are related to any of the following items, resulting from or in any way related to them, free and harmless AIMO ™: (a) Your access to or use of our services, including in connection with them, is available information provided; (b) Your violation of our terms or applicable law; or (c) any misrepresentation made by you. To the extent we require, you will participate in the defense against any claim or the settlement of any claim by a third party. Your rights vis-à-vis AIMO ™ will not be changed by the above-mentioned exemption if the laws of the country in which you are based due to your use of our services do not allow this.

Reported violations of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of third parties must be reported to us immediately by phone or by email to support@aimo-fit.com. We can take action regarding your account, including deactivating or suspending your account if you violate the intellectual property rights of others.

11. Liability and warranty

We use reasonable knowledge and care to provide you with our services and to ensure a safe and error-free environment. However, we cannot guarantee that AIMO™ will always work without interruptions, delays or defects.

You use our services at your own risk and subject to the following disclaimers: We provide our services as they are ("as is") and without any express or implied guarantees; this affects u. a. Guarantees of marketability, suitability for a specific purpose, authorization, non-infringement and freedom from computer viruses or other harmful code. We also do not guarantee that any information we provide is correct, complete or useful, that our services will be operational, error free and secure. We do not control how or when our users use our services or the functions, services and interfaces provided by our services, and we are not responsible for such controls.

AIMO™ expressly accepts no liability for (i) damage caused by the use of the provided AIMO™ motion scan (ii) health problems due to incorrect execution of the basic exercises provided.

In addition, AIMO™ expressly accepts no liability for (a) incorrect analysis of the needs of potential policyholders (b) incorrect product advice, recommendations and product presentations by insurance intermediaries and insurance companies (c) the service from insurance products sold, in particular in connection with the performance of the performance test and the amount of the prospect and payments actually made (d) the accuracy of the information provided by the policyholder in the application for insurance coverage, particularly in relation to personal information, health issues and the AIMO™ movement scan.

The above disclaimers do not apply to intent and gross negligence, liability for personal injury, liability according to the Product Liability Act and the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


12. Account security

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your device and your AIMO™ account, and you must immediately notify us of any unauthorized use or security breach regarding your account or our services.

13. Dispute Settlement

The EU Commission provides a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution. This gives consumers the opportunity to settle disputes in connection with your online order out of court. The dispute settlement platform can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Consumer information: non-participation in a dispute settlement procedure.

We are neither willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board. You can find our email address in the imprint.


14. Availability and termination or termination of our services

Even if we hope that you will remain an AIMO™ user, you can end your relationship with AIMO™ at any time by deleting your account for any reason. You can cancel your account in the app. If you have initiated the deletion, you can undo the process within 30 days. After the 30 days have passed, the process is irrevocable and you cannot restore your account. After 60 days after the deletion order, all data from our backup systems will also be deleted.

We can also modify, suspend or terminate your access to or use of our services at any time due to suspicious or illegal behavior; u. a. due to fraud or if we reasonably believe that you are violating our terms or causing harm, risk or potential legal risk to us, our users or others. The following provisions apply beyond any termination of your relationship with AIMO™: “9. Rights of use ”,“ 11. Liability and warranty ”,“ 10. Exemption ”,“ 14. Dispute Settlement ”. If you believe that the termination / termination or suspension of your account has been made by mistake, please contact us at support@aimo-fit.com.

15. Others

15.1. Final regulation

Unless otherwise agreed between you and us, these terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us regarding AIMO™ and our services and supersede all previous agreements.

We reserve the right to determine in the future that certain services will be regulated by us under separate conditions (which you may have to accept separately).

15.2. Not used in other countries

Our services are not intended for distribution in any country or for use in any country where such distribution or use would violate local law or subject us to any regulations in another country. We reserve the right to limit our services in any country.

15.3. Adaptation of the terms of use

We can change or update these terms. Unless otherwise required by law, we will notify you of changes to our terms within a period of at least 30 days, giving you the opportunity to review the revised terms before continuing to use our services. We will also update the "Last Modified" date at the beginning of our terms. Changes to these terms will not take effect until 30 days after we announce any planned changes. Please note that we may not be able to provide such notification of changes to these terms that are required due to technical developments in our services or for legal reasons, such changes taking effect immediately. By continuing to use our services after the notice period regarding planned changes, you confirm your acceptance of our changed terms. We hope that you will continue to use AIMO™, but if you do not agree to our changed terms, you must stop using our services by deleting your account.

15.4. Transferability of the usage contract

All of our rights and obligations under our terms are freely assignable by us to any of our affiliates, or in connection with a merger, acquisition, restructuring, or sale of assets, or by law or otherwise, and we may share your information transferred to any of our affiliates, successors or new owners. In the event of such assignment, these conditions will continue to apply to your relationship with such a third party. We hope that you will continue to use AIMO™, but if you do not consent to such assignment, you must stop using our services by deleting your account.

You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under the terms and conditions to anyone else without our prior written consent.

If any provision in these terms is considered unlawful, invalid or for some reason unenforceable, or if the terms contain loopholes, this provision is considered separable from our terms and does not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms of our terms and conditions remaining part of our conditions remains fully effective and in force.

15.5. Applicable law

German law applies exclusively between the parties, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). In business transactions with consumers within the European Union, the law at the place of residence of the consumer may also be applicable, provided that it is mandatory consumer law provisions.

15.6. Place of jurisdiction

If you do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or another EU member state, or if you have moved your permanent residence to a country outside the EU after these General Terms and Conditions have taken effect, or if your place of residence or usual place of residence is not known at the time the lawsuit is filed, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is all disputes arising from this contract are our place of business.

15.7. Contract language

The contract language is German.

15.8. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be or become ineffective in whole or in part, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

16. Provider information

Quellenstrasse 7a
70376 Stuttgart
Email: danny.dressler (at) aimo-fit.com
Managing Director: Danny Dressler
Registered at Stuttgart Local Court HRB: 765708
VAT ID: DE320136226

17. Possibility to save and view the contract text

You can view these general terms and conditions at https://aimo-fit.com/terms-of-service. If you want to save these general terms and conditions permanently on a data carrier, you can download them free of charge as a PDF file under the following link. Please consult the instructions of your browser software if you need help saving. To open a PDF file you may need a special program such as the free Acrobat Reader or a comparable program that can handle PDF files.


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70376 Stuttgart

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