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Discover and be aware of your body.
Experience the difference.
Train effectively and efficiently.
Recognize your weak links as your greatest potential.


Not just any training.
Your training.

Maximum Variety. Personalized Training.
Experience ease in every movement at sports, work and and leisure.

„The new way with AIMO feels so good for me.“

Sabrina Mockenhaupt, 45-time German middle distance champion

„I wouldn't have believed it, that an app could scan my body so well, get to know it so well and offer me a workout that really suits me. The personalized training according to my goals, weak links and available time makes me more agile, dynamic and strong. Everything I need to be able to run pain free.


Breaking new ground with AIMO


Improve your running performance

Experience smooth movements while running and avoid pain.

Performance and smooth movement while running is only possible when all running relevant body parts work well together. Your body is only as fit as the weakest link in the chain. AIMO Corrective Athletic Training starts exactly where you have the greatest potential as a runner.


Find your perfect balance and set new impulses

Activate your senses and train muscle chains through short and precise balancing routines.

Your body is stressed by long periods of sitting in the office, hours of screen work or one-sided training. You do not have much time and want to train as effectively and efficiently as possible? AIMO Corrective Athletic Training improves the coordination of all movement controlling systems.


Improve flexibility and strength

Not enough time? No problem! Experience endless movement variety through scan-based individual training routines.

Consciously train the important functions for your health. Discover, feel and trust your body during flexibility and strength training. AIMO Corrective Athletic Training focuses functional training of the essential functions that are important in sports, work and leisure.

Sweat in the power workout

Strengthen muscles, heart and circulation through functional training. Stay healthy and fit and maintain cognitive performance.

Strength is the fastest option to get healthier and fitter while maintaining your cognitive performance in the long run. AIMO Corrective Athletic Training is all about the balance of tensing and relaxing your muscles.

Your workout.

Suitable for every moment.
You determine the training duration.
Perfectly tailored to you, based on your scan.
Generate your workout every day.
AIMO learns with you.


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