How deep squats can improve your fitness and performance

If you’re spending time training to lose weight, build muscle and strength, this article will interest you. Science tells us that regular deep squats can significantly support these goals. In a 12-week study, two groups of people were compared – one group did flat squats (about 60 degrees) and one group deep squats. At the end of the 12 weeks, the group with the deep squat had a greater increase in muscle mass and a greater reduction in fat mass…

How we learn to move properly again

People naturally like to move. Movements occur unconsciously and they change over time. Every healthy person has sensible gross and fine motor skills. What children can still do almost automatically is often falsified in later years. In fact, many adults lost the ability to use their muscles in a targeted and appropriate way, due to inappropriate body positions, a lot of sitting, one-sided, incorrect, too much or lack of activities in everyday life, sport and work. As a result, the…

How deep squats can change your life

Regular deep squats are not only important to improve your posture and prevent injuries, but also affect other vital functions of your body. It has been scientifically proven that with improved joint mobility and lower physical strength it is easier for the musculoskeletal system to adopt a better alignment. „Inability to perform a deep squat can cause pain or injury to any joint in the body,“ says Roop Sihota, a Bay Area, USA physical therapist. In fact, research shows that…


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